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September 6, 2012
Independent Expenditures: September 5

Big spending for outside groups on September 5th. Some of this big Super PACs and dark money organizations were out flexing their cash-swollen muscles.

The quick hits for Thursday:

The Roundup: $13.8 million in spending disclosed by 17 groups seeking to influence 8 federal elections

The Big Spender: Two Republican groups take the top prize for the 5th. Americans for Prosperity (Koch bros.-backed 501 (c)(4) group) disclosed a staggering $5.7 million and American Crossroads (one of Karl Rove’s gargantuan Super PACs) spent hefty $5.8 million. Each of these groups purchased TV media buys opposing President Obama. 

Cashing In: Predictably, the entities receiving the lion’s share of the Big Spender’s disclosures cashed in big time. Darlings of the sliverback conservative independent expenditure organizations, Mentzer Media, earned 5.7 million from Americans for Prosperity. Topping Menzter, Crossroads Media recycled a ton of dough from the two Crossroads organizations (as is their practice to keep the money in-house), taking (back) home over $5.8 million.

House or Senate? House. Two groups - League of Conservation Voters and Patriot Majority USA - disclosed $730K opposing 2 Republican candidates for the Daniel Benishek (MI) and Thomas Lantham (IA). Two conservative groups spent $518 K supporting Republican efforts in five states - North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts and Maine. 

The Hotspot: The race for President attracted most of the spending, but two congressional races, one for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District and one for the Senate in Massachusetts, each attracted $225K in disclosures. 

The High Striker:  Republicans by a mile. Reps disclosed a titanic $12.1 million compared to just $1.6 million for the Dems. For every dollar spent by the Democrats, the Republicans spent over $7.

For your viewing pleasure, the disclosure breakdown table:

Independent Expenditures Sep 5 

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