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October 20, 2014

Independent Expenditures: October 18-19 

While independent expenditure levels slowed the last two days in comparison to last week's outside cash deluge, weekend disclosures eclipsed levels for previous weekends. Millions still exchanged hands to influence an election near you. Here are the quick hits...

The roundup: 33 groups spent $5.1 million targeting 60 candidates in 31 elections. 

Big spenders: Mayday PAC, a pro-Democratic Party super PAC, dropped nearly $1 million targeting three candidates. The biggest recipient, House candidate Pat Roberts (R-KS), experienced $808K in media-related opposition spending. Check the interactive chart below for more detail on the weekend's heavy hitters.

Top targets: Aside from Pat Roberts, Bruce Poliquin (R-ME), Joni Erst (R-IA) and Gary Peters (D-MI) were top targets of outside cash. Groups used over $300K each to influence these three elections. 

Who's on top? Pro-Dem groups outspent their Republican Party-aligned counterparts $2.7 million to $1.8 million.

Location, location: Nearly half of the weekend's cash flowed into elections taking place in Kansas, Iowa and Michigan.

House or Senate? Outside spenders are still using a majority of their uncoordinated cash on Senate contests. Groups dropped $3.3 million on Senate races and $1.8 million House elections. 

Cashing in: Buying Time LLC bought some TV/media time as well as other media-related products for Maday PAC and received a handsome $774K. 

And if you want more, the table below includes a complete summary of the weekend's disclosures.

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October 17, 2014

Independent Expenditures: October 16 

On Thursday, record-setting independent spending levels went even higher into the stratosphere. Collectively, outside spenders disclosed over $31 million, a new single-day record. While key Senate contests were still the target du jour, money from all sides piled into races all across the country. Here are the quick hits...

The roundup: 55 groups spent a monumental $31.6 million targeting 84 candidates in 52 elections.

Big spenders: Disclosures from a staggering 10 groups eclipsed the $1 million mark with the heaviest hitters reaching $3.5 million. Check the interactive chart below for a break down of the biggest spenders. 

Top targets: Senate candidate from Colorado, Corey Gardner (R), was number one on Thursday's outside spending menu, receiving over $3.3 million in attention from 6 groups. As usual, groups primarily funneled opposition dollars into the top elections. Here are the top 15 targets:

Who's on top? Despite the Pro-Dem House Majority PAC group logging the biggest expenditure, pro-Rep groups controlled the spending for the second day in a row.  Pro-Rep organizations outspent their Pro-Dem rivals $18.5 million to $13 million. 

Location, location: Elections in Colorado and North Carolina received the most attention from outside spenders.   Aside from House elections in California, most of the cash flowed into Senate elections in the top states.

House or Senate? The Senate. Groups allocated over $18.7 million for Senate contests and "only" $12.9 million for House elections. 

Cashing in: With big outside money comes big checks for media companies. Waterfront Strategies took home a princely $9.2 million from 7 different Democratic Party-aligned groups.

Finally, if you want more details, check the table below for a full summary of Thursday's indy spending.

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October 16, 2014

Independent Expenditures: October 15 

Wednesday was a landmark day for independent expenditures in the 2014 election cycle. More groups disclosed more outside dollars than ever before during the midterms. Groups aligned with the Republican Party completely dominated the spending, accounting for 84% of the day's dollars. Here are the quick hits.

The roundup: 49 groups spent a leviathan $29.7 million targeting 82 candidates in 34 elections. 

Big spenders: 4 massive pro-Republican Party organizations each dropped over $3 million on media-related expenses. Check the interactive chart below for a break down of the heaviest hitters. 

  • The National Republican Congressional Committee used a massive $8.2 million on media expenses primarily opposing 21 Democratic candidates for the House.
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee allocated nearly $5.4 million for media buys and production opposing 8 Democratic candidates for the Senate.
  • Indy spending darling from the 2012 cycle, American Crossroads, disbursed $4.2 million opposing Senate hopefuls Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Bruce Braley (D-IA) and House candidates Patrick Hays (D-AR) and Cheri Bustos (D-IL). 
  • Freedom Partners Action Fund, another pro-Rep organization, spent $3 million on media-related expenses, nearly all opposing Democratic House and Senate candidates. 

Top targets: Democratic Party Senate candidates Bruce Braley, Jeanne Shaheen and Kay Hagan (D-NC) were the recipients of the most outside cash attention.  Groups targeted each with opposition expenditures in excess of $2.65 million. The chart below displays the largest candidate targets in yesterday's indy filings.

Who's on top? Pro-Republican groups, by a mile. The chart below has a spending comparison by group party affiliation. 

Location, location: Outside spenders targeted many elections in many states with significant independent expenditures. Groups funneled over $1 million into 10 states. The following chart displays spending by state segmented by election type and congressional district.  

House or Senate? The Senate by a nose. Organizations used nearly $13.3 million to influence elections for the upper house and $14.4 million on lower house contests. 

Cashing in: In a day where outside cash flowed toward media companies like the tide rushes toward the sea, National Media Research Planning & Placement group earned a whopping $7.8 million from the NRCC. Not to be forgotten, Main Street Media took home a tidy $5.4 million from American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS. 

Finally, the table below provides a complete summary of Wednesday's disclosures. Enjoy!

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